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Our Trusted Brands

Discover the trusted brands we exclusively recommend for our valued patients at Avenue Chiro & Rehab. We understand the importance of personalized care and the unique goals of each patient.

Before considering the following products, we highly recommend consulting with one of our experienced healthcare providers.


Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your needs and explore the best solutions for your health.

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Sports or kinesiology tape is a semi-rigid tape crafted from a blend of cotton, nylon, and a non-irritating adhesive.

Engineered to resist water and sweat, this tape serves diverse purposes in both sports and daily activities.

With a design that mimics the skin's elasticity, it establishes a microscopic space between the skin and underlying tissues, including sensory or pain receptors, connective tissue, muscle, and fascia.

Frequently employed to enhance joint proprioception, alleviate swelling and pain, boost lymphatic flow, and offer additional support to injured tissues, sports tape proves to be a versatile aid for various applications.


Compression socks/stockings are often worn for comfort, in sports, or preventatively to reduce certain medical conditions (ie. deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, spider veins, and more).

They can help improve blood flow from the lower extremity to reduce leg pain, fatigue, cramping, or swelling.

Typically, they provide gradual compression upwards starting from the ankles to the knees or thighs. They vary in compression strengths (mmHg), sizes, and styles.

Speak to your healthcare provider for custom measurements and recommendations!

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Custom-made foot orthotics provide proper support and alignment of the feet which allows the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments to work more efficiently, relieve pain and prevent injuries.
It can also help people who suffer from back pain, pain in hips and knees and people dealing with work or sport related injuries.

Our chiropractor can assess your feet and gait pattern, scan your arches, and recommend the best orthotic type for you.

The digital scan is then sent to an affiliate orthotics manufacturer and custom made to your feet.

Check with your insurance company to see if orthotics are covered under your policy or benefits.


Orthopedic braces combine compression, stability, and anatomical design to support joints and promote healing.


The lightweight, breathable materials offer comfortable, precise fits for various musculoskeletal conditions.


These braces reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and provide structural support to enhance joint function and alleviate pain during rehabilitation, sport, and everyday use.

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